Day 1: The First Step

With the nervousness of the first day setting in the night before, I wish I could say I got a good night’s sleep, but I only found around 4 hours of it. Being tired and nervous is a combination I’m not fond of. Pushing how I felt aside, I opened the scheduled zoom meeting and jumped in.

The first day was a lot of introductions (something I struggle with, what do I even say about myself?) and getting all set up for the week ahead, being introduced to the learning style, the modules and a talk on EQ, Emotional Intelligence. The EQ talk was great in understanding the benefits of meditation and what it can do for the brain. I’ve tried before to make it a habit, however it’s always fallen off due to life getting in the way. Having that dedicated time to devote to myself at 13:30 is going to be super useful in building this habit and I feel like over the weeks I can definitely do it.

My cohort seem really nice, I know we’ll all get along nicely as we go forward over the next few weeks. They come from all sorts of backrounds and hearing that was really interesting, all having various reasons for taking this journey. I hear we are a smaller number than usual groups, so there is a chance we could get to know each other more as we progress.

I am feeling good after the first day, I work well in a self-guided settings so I’m confident I’ll do okay in the week ahead, but it’s reassuring we all have the coaches there to help when we need it :)

I’ll update again on day 3 after we start getting things going.



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Matt Edwards: 82 Days

Matt Edwards: 82 Days

Apprentice Software Engineer, DWP, Team: Digital Hub maintanence, retraining as a Software Engineer to better delevelop my skills and start a meaningful career.